corpThe British Council has published an important new research report which explores international attitudes to the First World War and its implications. Remember the World as well as the War offers a wealth of historical analysis and the findings of a survey conducted by YouGov poll of attitudes in seven countries: Egypt, France, Germany, India, Russia, Turkey and the UK. It explores the global reach of the war and its legacy and asks how people think the war should be commemorated. The report contains fascinating tables collating responses on questions such as what people know about the war, and how perceptions of the UK today are affected; and many other questions. There are maps and charts and an excellent summary of the international legacy.

The British Council’s intention in preparing this report has been to support the commemoration of the centenary of the First World War by stimulating discussion about the global aspects of the conflict, alongside the more well-known depictions of the Western Front. It also hopes it will help enable people in the UK to gain a better understanding of how the conflict is remembered in other parts of the world and therefore help them to build stronger international relationships between the UK and other countries.

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