This site reflects the impact that the First World War had on Wales – and the impact Wales had on the First World War. Over the coming months and years, it will reflect how the people of Wales will be commemorating this important centenary through information provided by individuals, communities and organisations in Wales.

The Welsh Government’s intention is to deliver an inclusive Framework Programme with national events and exhibitions. These will be accompanied by community-based activities, and educational projects and programmes. The Museums, Archives and Libraries Division, Welsh Government, is developing this framework in consultation with a Centenary Programme Board.  The Board is chaired by the First Minister’s Expert Adviser on the First World War, Professor Sir Deian Hopkin and has representatives from relevant organisations.

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Framework Programme 

Commemorative activity in Wales is being developed by the Welsh Government in partnership with key organisations across Wales. The Framework Programme for the Commemoration in Wales 2014-2018 sets out the Welsh Government’s vision and approach for the centenary and outlines some of the key events that are planned for the commemoration period from 2014 to 2018.

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prog_2018 The brochure is the first in a series of annual publications which will detail the First World War Centenary commemorative events that will take place in Wales, or further afield if relevant to Wales. It also contains in-depth articles about various commemorative events and projects.

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Tracing your Relatives’ Involvement in the First World War. Click here.

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Cymru’n Cofio Wales Remembers 1914-1918 – Evaluation

Evaluation Tools are now available for individuals and organisations to record and evaluate learning and feedback from the many First World War Centenary events taking place across Wales.

An event evaluation form and a learning questionnaire have been developed which we are encouraging all organisations, large and small in Wales to use in order to measure the awareness of First World War and its legacy.

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and learning questionnaire

The Learning Questionnaire is available here via Survey Monkey.

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Why is commemoration important?

Over 15 million people died in the First World War, and another 20 million suffered injuries that often impaired the rest of their lives. In Wales few families did not have a relation killed or wounded in the conflict.

The war was an unforeseen disaster that followed a period of increasing rivalry and mistrust between nations. While its most deeply-felt impact was the loss of human life, it had other far-reaching effects. It altered the balance of power in the world with the fall of great European empires and a shift of economic power to the United States.  Within Britain, too, there were significant political changes and the role of the state became more prominent in the lives of individual citizens.

The war left the countries that took part in it impoverished. At the end of the war Germany was near starvation, while Britain was almost bankrupt and never regained its pre-war assurance. In some countries extreme political movements gained power and another world war followed just over twenty years later.

The Great War started as a regional conflict but grew into a global war with almost all the nations of Europe and many countries beyond becoming involved, from the Americas to the Far East.

The sheer scale of the conflict and its enormous consequences makes it vitally important that we try to understand the causes and impact of the First World War and, during the centennial period, reflect on the great sacrifices made by individuals and communities. It is from studying such events that we may perhaps learn how they may best be avoided in future. 

First World War Commemorations in Wales: Planning for 2014-2018  – Feedback from the 3 events held in January and February 2013

The Welsh Government instigated a stakeholder discussion on the planning process for First World War commemorations in early 2013. The aim was to reach as many individuals, groups, communities and organisations which have an interest in taking part in their own commemorations or working in partnership to develop joint activities.

Three initial events were held in Cardiff on 22 January 2013, Llandudno Junction on 28 January 2013 and Builth Wells on 15 February 2013. A total of over 140 people attended the three events from 75 organisations.

Feedback from the discussions can be read here.